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3 Ways To Access Youtube Shorts

3 Ways To Access Youtube Shorts on PC AND ANDRIOD – 2022 (New!)

The short video concept started with the rise of TikTok hype. As the Tik Tok trends meet the people interest over the past few years and people start to prefer short videos and like watching them. Instagram Reels also hit the amusement in the form of short videos. In the same way there are 3 Ways To Access Youtube Shorts, Google opens the doors toward this rising activity by launching the short videos feature of a few seconds in the YouTube App. Now people can easily access short videos on YouTube on their mobiles and PC.

You can access YouTube shorts easily on your mobile phone than on a PC. Here we are showing some ways to access YouTube short videos on PC.

How To Access YouTube Short Videos On PC?

If you enjoy watching YouTube shorts on your PC then follow these simple steps to access YouTube short videos. Here we mention all the ways to help you access YouTube shorts on your desktops for PC or computer users.

1. Type ” #Short ” in YouTube Search Bar:

  • Open the browser on your PC
  • Open to 
  • Type “#shorts” at the top search bar of YouTube and click enter.
  • YouTube Short videos are opened now. Click short videos and enjoy watching them.

This is the first way about how to access YouTube shorts on Pc or computers. You can watch any YouTube short video. Now access any YouTube video content creator. Click the short video and enjoy different YouTube short videos.

2. Enter “Hashtag/shorts in the browser Search Bar:

  • Open your browser
  • Go to your browser Search Bar and type “”. Now Press Enter.
  • YouTube short videos are enlisted directly from the browser.

In this way, you can access different Youtube short videos directly from your browser search bar. Watch Youtube short videos of various content creators.

3. Watch the YouTube Short Videos Of A Specific Creator:

  • Browse from any browser
  • Access and reach the search bar
  • Type “#short (Creator Name)“ for example “#short Vanoss Gaming“

This is the third simple way to access Youtube short videos on your Pc. Here you can directly reach the short Youtube videos of any creator you like to watch and enjoy.

3 ways to access youtube shorts

How To Make YouTube Shorts?

Here is the complete guide for you if you want to make your Youtube short for your channel. Some basic requirements to make Youtube shorts are given below. Know these few important requirements about 3 Ways To Access Youtube Shorts before you start to make any Youtube shorts.

Requirements to make a YouTube short video:

You have to make your tube short in the vertical orientation.
The time duration of the Youtube short is fixed. It is only 60 seconds. You can make a full video of 60 seconds or combine several 15 seconds videos of 60-second length.
The video can use audio from the library of YouTube or any other video but only for 15 seconds.


Steps For How To Make YouTube Shorts:

  1. Firstly download the YouTube App on your phone and Sign Inby creating your account on YouTube App.
  2. Click the Create button (plus symbol) at the bottom and choose to create a short.
  3. Allow permission to use your device Camera and Microphone.
  4. Now you can record your YouTube short. You can change the length of the recording from default 15 seconds to 60 seconds by clicking on the number 15.
  5. Tap the Speed Icon on the right to increase the speed or slow down the speed of recording.
  6. You can also select the Timer Icon to set a time for the video to start without you.
  7. You can add various filters to YouTube shorts by choosing filter from Filter Icon.
  8. Tapping the Undo Button will delete the recent segment of your video. And tapping the Redo button will again record the same segment.
  9. Once the video is recorded. Hit the Record Button again to stop the video. Tap Check Mark button in the bottom right to preview the video.
  10. Click NEXT to add music, text, or filters to it.
  11. Finally add a title and hashtags to your video to promote your video.
  12. Tap Upload! and it will add to your videos.

How to Upload YouTube Short Videos on YouTube Channel from PC?

If you want to upload YouTube shorts from your Pc must follow these steps to upload YouTube shorts on your YouTube channel. 

  1. Open the browse rand go to your YouTube account. Sign In  the account. Press the Camera button from the top right corner of the web page.
  2. Press Select Files on the upload videos window. Locate the video, select it and upload it on the portal.
  3. Next on the details window add #Shorts in the title and description section. 
  4. Also select a radio button in the Audience section and pick a thumbnail from the Thumbnail Section.
  5. Select your preferred radio button in SAVE or Publish section. Select Time when you want to publish a YouTube short automatically. Click SAVE to publish the video as YouTube shorts on YouTube from your PC.

How To Download YouTube Shorts on Android?

While you are enjoying YouTube shorts on YouTube and want to download a YouTube shorts. This is how we tell you to download your favorite YouTube shorts. 

There are three quick steps to follow to download any YouTube short video.

  1. Open YouTube shorts and select the YouTube short that you want to download.
  2. Click on the share button and click the copy link button.
  3. Open the short downloader tool which you can download from Google Play Store. Paste the URL and select download.

This is all about How to access YouTube Shorts from a PC and How to upload and download Youtube shorts in quick easy ways. By following the above steps you can easily access you tube shorts, download and upload your YouTube shorts.

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