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Disposable Puff Bars are preferred these days over tobacco cigarettes. Puff Bars look like electric pens and become the favorite device of addicted vapers. It has a 1.2ml tank filled with e-juice flavors and a charged 280 mAh battery. People are using disposable Puff Bars which means you can discard these puff bars after use. The life span of an unopened puff bar is 1 to 2 years. Each puff bar can make 350 to 400 puffs in 3 to 4 months.

After that, the tank and battery both are finished. HOW TO CHARGE A PUFF BAR Some unusual vapers want to recharge their old puff bars and reuse them. However, puff bars have a limited battery life span but do they still find ways to charge their puff bars? You need a few things to charge a Puff Bar. A micro USB, USB charger, tweezers, small flat screwdriver, or anything that helps you to take out the battery of your puff bar.

What Are The Steps To Charge a Puff Bar?

  • Prepare an old Bluetooth speaker. Open it with any tool and attach it to the battery of the puff Bar. Otherwise, you can take any USB charger with a micro USB to charge the puff bar (all puff bar vaping devices).
  • You can easily find any USB charger at home and a micro USB with wires cut off and stripped.
  • Access the battery of the puff Bar at the capped end of the puff pen. Open the cap at the bottom of the puff Bar safely. Do not rush in opening it because you can distort the complete battery and wires inside the puff bar.
  • Slowly take out the components but do not completely remove them. Just slides the wires and battery/cell outside the case. Remember the previous arrangement of the components that are taken out of the puff bar so that you can easily assemble them back in the same way.
  • Unfasten the tape from the wires and connect the stripped wires of the cable directly to the terminals of the battery. If you are using a Bluetooth speaker device then attach the battery terminal wires of the Puff Bar to the device. 
  • Attach the wire correctly with the right color wire. A wrong connection can damage the puff bar battery and it will not get recharged again.
  • Give 7 to 8 minutes to charge the puff bar. If you like thick puffs then increase the charging time. Charge 7 to 10 minutes more. This recharging process of the puff bar can give you 100 more puffs if the e-juice is remaining in the puff bar. You can also run out of e-juice with the battery remaining.

What Are The Important Precautions About Charging a Puff Bar?

Puff Bars are not rechargeable and refill devices, but some of us are mysterious about different hacks. Be careful about handling the Puff Bar while you are removing the battery from the case of Puff Bars because (charging the puff bars is not recommended) it is difficult to tackle. (Charging the puff bars) you have to use a power bank because applying it directly into the socket can capture high voltage and is very harmful for your use. It will surely damage the Puff Bar. Be away from power cut-offs and short circuits. During charging the Puff Bar handle it with great care and use gloves. The liquid of the Puff Bar (e-juice) can be dangerous for you. You cannot take it by mouth. So be very cautious while opening the Puff Bar and mostly when handling its titanium battery.

When Does It Worth Charging a Puff Bar?

You can charge your Puff Bar if you have no other choice. A Puff Bar can be charged two to three times maximum. After that its life span is finished. You cannot recharge the Puff Bar for a long time. Some people also charge the Puff Bar to reutilize the e-juice completely. Some liquid is still left in the tank after the battery is depleted completely. Taking concern of all the problems you can face while charging the Puff Bar, it is smarter to buy a new Puff Bar and don’t put yourself in a difficult situation.

How Long Does Puff Bars Last?

   Total Puffs per Puff Bar 350 t 400
   Useable Time (After Opened)
3 to 4 months
Total Span ( Before Opening) 1 to 2 Years only

Many wonder about the expiry time of HOW TO CHARGE A PUFF BAR and ask about how to store puff bars for a longer time? If you have not opened the Puff Bar then it can be stored for 1 to 2 years maximum. But you must store it in an airtight container. There are a maximum of 400 puffs that a Puff Bar can generate. You can use 100 more puffs by recharging the battery. However, it is riskier to charge the Puff Bars. And those who are addicted to a single Puff Bar can recharge the Puff Bar more often.

Once you have opened the Puff Bar and started to use it, it can only run for 3 to 4 months. After that, the e-juice finished, and the battery run out. The best thing about Puff Bars is that we don’t have to refill the tanks or change the battery. They are disposable. We do not need to carry many things with us. Just put a puff pen in the pocket and take it anywhere easily. Here are some tips for using a Puff Bar effectively.

1. You can enjoy small hits rather than taking larger ones. It is more effective.

2. Use multiple puff bars to increase the time duration. 

3. Puff Bars are available in different flavors so you can enjoy different tastes, Try to take 2 to 3 puffs a day. It is more authentic and effective for your good mood and health.

4. You can also recharge the Puff Bar if you have no other choice but to buy a new one. 

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