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Third Hand Smoke Effects

Third Hand Smoke Effects

Smoking cigars, cigarettes, or other electric devices like vapes are very harmful to the health of a person of any age. Tobacco smoke contains millions of toxins that damage the organ cell levels in humans. Nicotine is one of the worst of them. Other carcinogens in tobacco smoke also cause damaging effects. Whether it is direct-hand smoke by a smoker or Third Hand Smoke Effects by nonsmokers, damage to the body is countless. The people around you are inhaling or consuming the carcinogens by mouth through the smoke of your cigarette.

A smoker is the major cause of Third Hand smoke effects. If you do not smoke you can save the lives of billions of people suffering from Third Hand smoke effects. A smoker is spreading harm to the health of others as Third Hand smoke effects.

What is Third Hand Smoke?

Discussing the worst third-hand smoke effects we must know about third-hand smoke and how it spread. The nicotine remains from a burning cigarette that spreads all over the room or indoor area causing indirect and multiple life-threatening diseases to nonsmokers. This is Third Hand smoking.  

You lit the cigar and threw the ash in the ashtray keep in mind you are taking initiative to spread Third Hand smoke effects among all the people of every age whether your children, your parents, your wife, or friends. Lead to plenty of life-taking long-term diseases as the worst Third Hand smoke effect. It mostly affects children. Third Hand smoke effects are noticed in children widely because of their habit to play with everything.

How do you get Third Hand smoke effects?

Indoor smoking increases Third Hand smoke effects. The residues of nicotine when combined with air particles change into the form of more severe carcinogens, that stayed and are absorbed in the clothes, fabric, furniture, walls, and everywhere even clearing out the smoke and not removing those particles. You need to wash them if you want to get rid of those toxins from entering your mouth.

This is how you observe the Third Hand smoke effects. It is more harmful than direct smoking because still you are unable to count the side effects of Third Hand smoking.

What are Third Hand adverse effects on children and non-smokers?

You know what is more dangerous than is silent and we cannot see. Third Hand smoke may be out of sight but the Third Hand smoke effects are drastic. It has been seen in children and babies who remain in this kind of environment for a long time. Children and babies are more at risk of Third Hand smoke effects because of their less-developed organ systems and immunity. They have small and developing airways that have yet not been able to carry toxins and carcinogens.  

Following are the Third Hand smoke effects most commonly diagnosed in children and nonsmokers.

Lung Cancer:

All the carcinogens that are taken inside in different ways your body cause lung cancer in patients. They damage the lung epithelium layers and cause bronchial obstructions. The damage to the areolar tissues of lungs in the children and others.

DNA Damaging:

Adverse Third Hand smoke effects include one of this DNA damage and dysfunctioning. When the human DNA is tested in the laboratory it has seen that a carcinogen defective human DNA is more susceptible to cancer and other relating diseases than other ones.

Carcinogens Damage:

When the tobacco toxins combine with air pollutants they change into bad carcinogens for human health. This carcinogen can cause diverse lung and airway diseases including cancer and tumors.

Third Hand Smoke Effects

How Children are at higher risk of Third Hand smoke effects?

 Children and babies are more at risk of Third Hand smoke effects. The reason is their young and developing age. They are not like grown-up adults so their system is very sensitive to these toxins. To them, Third Hand smoke effects are very severe. Children do not recover from the consequences easily that is why they are at higher risk of danger.

They often spend greater time on the floor playing with toys and touching different things that fascinate them. They use to put toys and hands in their mouth which take those carcinogens inside them.

During pregnancy when the parent smoke it will cause very alarming effects too. SUDI (Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy) is seen mostly in the infants of smoker parents who inhale smoke either directly or indirectly.

Swelling of bronchioles and airways occurs if children are exposed to smoke. Other common lung diseases,

  1. Asthma
  2. Bronchiolitis
  3. Leukemia
  4. Ear infections
  5. Meningitis, Septicemia
  6. Tonsillitis

What are the Precautions to reduce Third Hand smoke effects?

  • For children, there are some precautionary measures that parents must need to take care of to save their children or infants from Third Hand smoke effects.
  • You should avoid taking your children to any gathering where they can come in contact to smoke exposure.
  • Do not smoke in the car with your children because removing the smoke does not reduce 1% of the risks.
  • Try to avoid smoking in the same car used by your children. Children have the habit to touch everything within their reach, this will increase the risk of exposure to tobacco toxins to them.
  • Wash your car properly to remove smoke toxins.
  • When you are at home even if you are using an ashtray it does not eliminate the Third Hand smoke effects on your children.  

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. Who is at greater risk of Third Hand smoke effects?

Children and babies are at greater risk of Third Hand smoke effects. Due to their sensitive airways which are more vulnerable to toxins and carcinogens. They can get diseases like asthma, lung diseases, airway inflammation, and tumors. 

2. How long does Third Hand smoke last?

Third Hand smoke particles attach to the fabric or surface that is in contact with smoke. They last for weeks, months, or even years on surfaces and fabrics if you do not wash them. And they cannot be removed by vacuum or air. 

3. What are the symptoms of Third Hand Smoke Effects?

Third Hand smoke toxins stay on fabric even for years. The most common symptoms are coughing, lung inflammation, and airway obstruction. 

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