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Dasher App Reviews & Ratings – Dasher Free Download

Make money at once and be your boss with the #1 food and drink delivery app that is renowned in 7000+ cities of US Dasher App. All you need is to create an account in a few minutes and log into Dasher direct app to make your own money on daily basis.

Anyone can be a delivery driver at this dash driver app and can avail this opportunity without investing a single penny and get paid automatically after every dash with ease and freedom to choose your routes having no time restrictions. It is your choice to work in the
morning, evening or night. A dash driver needs only few basic things which include any smart phone, a transportation mode, and a car, bike, or bicycle.

IS The Door Dasher App Worth It In 2022 For You?

SINGLE APP! There is a high ratio of food delivery services with increasing demand.
Now a days, companies like Door Dash and  Uber Eats  or many more are
significantly hiring more drivers to meet their needs. 

Is Doordash driver app down?

And where the Door dash driver app is helping you to enjoy healthy amount at hourly times than at your other hourly wedges with full-time jobs. You can have 100% Tips from the customer in your pocket. Thus a better option to boost your little income.

Let’s Summarize some of the honest Dasher App Reviews – Benefits & Perks:

Since Door Dash hire drivers and does not charge any fee from them. Dashers have all the rights to save complete delivery fees, tips or any extra boost in their earnings. The recommended Tip is round about 15% of the total cost of the order.

But all the dasher at DoorDash are dasher contractors, and they will pay self-employment taxes themselves from their own saving accounts because all of them are independent contractors. When asked by maximum dashers, they summarized dasher app reviews taking in more pay than less wage, daily or weekly payments, higher time flexibility, and open vehicle choice.

Door Dash app also provide the drivers the drop – off steps to follow in which you have to call or text the customer and send the picture of the place to let the customer know and free to go by directly get the full payment. However, according to some other door dashers experience, as they reviewed the app they have to manage the vehicle gas cost independently and have no space for growth. 

So, if you are a driving lover and your work depends on your frame of mind, then door dash driver is best platform for the part-time job.

Driver Doordash Support

  • Who is a top dasher?
  • What is Door Dasher program?
  • How can one become Top Dasher?
  • What are the benefits of becoming a Top Dasher?
  • Is it worth it to become a Top Dasher?

1: Who a Top dasher is

Top Dasher is a rider or driver rewarded for fulfilling certain requirements such as high customer ratings, high acceptance ratings and frequent deliveries.

A rider passionate with his work or job is more likely to become a Top Dasher.

The rider who meets the customer expectations is likely to secure this position.

2: What Door Dasher program Is

In The United States, Door Dash is one of the largest online food ordering and delivery platforms. It is a reliable platform for part and full time income. In 2021, this app generated revenue worth 4.8 Billion U.S Dollars which is double income when compared to previous year. It operates in 7000 cities.

3: Becoming a Top Dasher

Since Door Dash has massive customer, Top Dashers are the ones who who keep the company mission alive. Everyone wants to achieve the highest position i.e. the position of a Top Dasher but following the required guidelines no one can become a top dasher by mere thinking about it.

Dasher App apk

How To Free Download The Dasher App?

Reach the website of Door Dash and install Dasher direct free download app from there. It can download on any smartphone. It might be an android phone or iPhone.

Follow these simple steps if you want to boost your income as dasher 


Requirements to get registered on dasher direct app, The age limit is at least 18 years old with a valid driving license and car insurance minimum of one year. And a simple door dash background check procedure for the applicant.


To sign up at the DoorDash website, you must submit your application as a door dasher. You need to submit basic information like name, email, location, and vehicle type. 


The last step is Onboarding, where you can join their virtual orientation to let you know how to use the Dasher app. Lastly, you can receive an activation kit within week that includes your orientation manual, Red Card, and an insulated bag. 

Become a Top Dasher one needs to follow these requirements.

 By fulfilling these requirements you can take part in the Door Dasher program

  • You must be rated 7 out of 5 stars
  • You must have 70% acceptance rate
  • You need at least 95% completion rate
  • Minimum 100 accomplished deliveries must be completed

Top Dasher Status

Top Dasher Status is awarded on 2nd of every month and the benefits are given for a whole month.

How do you come to know that you have become a Top Dasher

You will receive an email from the Door Dash Company and Top Dasher badge will appear in your account settings. If your completion rate drops below 95% in the mid of the following month you can still use the benefits for rest of the month. If you want to requalify top dasher, you need to meet the requirements by the end of each month. You can see rewards and benefits in the Dasher Rewards area in the app. This program also offers:

New Dashers automatically rewarded top dashers for their first two weeks

Not in all but in some markets, all the new Dashers are rewarded as Top Dasher for the first two weeks. This increases the interest of new dashers in their work. It has a good impact on the new dashers to keep up the good work with the platform.

Perks for Top Dashers

A Top Dasher has three major benefits which are as follows:

  • “Dash Now” Anytime

This option give you your own schedule and you can dash anywhere and anytime. Regular Door dasher drivers do not have this feature and they are required to schedule their hours or they can use “Dash Now” feature during rush hours.

  • Delivery Priority

If there are two drivers available to accept the same order, the driver having Door Dasher badge will be given priority.

  • High-value Order Priority

Top Dashers are also given priority to accept orders worth $30 or more.

Is It Worth To Be A Top Dasher

Because of the perk “Dash Anytime” without any schedule, many drivers think that there are disadvantages to Top. By maintaining high acceptance rate means accepting too many low-paying orders. Dashers are free to refuse as many orders as they can so the dashers prefer not to take low-paying orders i.e. less than $3. They prefer to wait for high paying orders so they decline the low-paying orders. By doing so they are not deactivated.

But in order to maintain high acceptance rate of 70% to Top Dashers are bound to accept low-paying orders and their overall pay is reduced. Ultimately it causes trouble to dashers in context of their income. On the other hand, selective strategy results in higher overall pay.

Troubles of No Scheduling

 One of the perk of Top Dasher is that they can dash even when the market is not busy. But the question is that if the market is not busy why do you want to dash. Instead of using this feature, you can use simple feature “ Dash Now” when there is a rush of customers… you can easily avoid low orders and get better ones and can make a good income. And you feel free not to accept every low-paying order in order to chase Top Dasher Status.


Here are some frequently asked questions asked more often.

1: Can you make a maximum of $200 by the dasher app?

It can be possible to make $200 by any driver more easily if that dasher lives in a big city and likes driving very much because it may require maximum hours of driving not less than 15 hours. You can also make $200 if you receive extra promotional boosts and work during peak pay hours of delivery. Also your way of delivering the food items to the customers luckily help you to make more tip and more money.

2: Is Dash Door a better full-time job or a part-time job?

The average pay at door dash is $14 to $17. You can easily enhance it by delivering more orders a day. So most drivers can make more money than the average hourly economy jobs which gives $20 to $30.

If you like to enjoy driving you can make more orders a day .Some drivers make much more money by making more tips and promotional boosts.

3: Can you cash out the payment instantly with Door Dash?

Yes you can enjoy receiving your cash instantly with the door dash driver. For this purpose, Fast Pay in the US gives dashers the ability to cash their money instantly. This is far better than waiting for a week or months to get your income. To use the fast pay service you must have a debit card. 

CONCLUSION: Is The Door Dash App A Good One To Opt To Spend Living?

Door Dash is a great side job as a side hustle to earn more money and boost income. It gives you possible ways to enhance your money with no hard and fast rules. But it’s all up to you that either you like this part-time job or dislike it as we have concluded all the possible information about the door dash app for your concerns.

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